What is depression and how can online therapy help? The following article will shed some light on the topic helping you become more aware of the symptoms and causes. Depression is a term used to characterise a state of being that is felt to be low, numb and tired. Depressive states can manifest differently in different people. Sometimes it is a reaction to a lived experience like a relationship breakdown or the loss of a job. And sometimes it occurs seemingly without cause, like a switch in the body has been activated and all of a sudden you are immersed in a dense fog.

How you respond to depression depends on several factors including your genes and biology, your mental and emotional resources, your life experience, diet, use of medication, drugs, alcohol and stress response can all play a role. Its normal to experience a fluctuating mood with the movements of everyday life. But when is depression something to be concerned about? A general rule is when your depression begins to interfere and impede in your everyday life, work and relationships.

what are the signs of depression? and what to do next?

  • Do you suffer from feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness or pessimism for days at a time?
  • Do you have trouble falling asleep at night or trouble staying asleep? Waking in the middle of the night or early in the morning? Sleeping much more than usual?
  • Do you feel frequently tired or lack energy?
  • Have you stopped meeting up with friends or family? Increasing isolation and a reduced interest in activities or hobbies is a strong indication of depression.
  • Are you eating much more or much less than usual? Severe and ongoing appetite disturbances are a sign of depression
  • Are you having a hard time concentrating even on simple tasks.
  • Are you using or do you have a dependence on drugs, medication or alcohol?
  • Recurrent thoughts of death, suicide or a suicide attempt.

“Depression is being colourblind and constantly told how colourful the world is.” -Atticus

It can feel like your body and mind has deserted you. The experience of waiting for things to return to normal is painful and hope destroying. At one end of the scale can make you feel tired and and a little low, and on the other extreme utterly alone, lost and suicidal, making depression a gruelling and challenging state to be in.

Depression is not a sign of personal weakness or a condition that can wished away, often people with a depressive illness cannot merely pull themselves together and get better. Are you currently trying to find your way out of a depressive state? It is really tough and even harder by yourself. What you require is strength, endurance and patience. These three needed virutes are the same three which have been annihilated by depression, and this is the challenge you face when you encounter depression.

With counselling I can guide you back to your normal self, help you to restore your energy, vitality and balance. Moving beyond the fog and fatigue is possible, it just takes a bit of time and courage to face what hiding in the shadows. Taking the decision to see a counsellor is one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself during times of depression, its a supportive and compassionate gift to yourself. You can read more about managing depression here. For any questions you might have or to make an appointment contact me here. I work online and via telephone. This platform is great for clients experiencing depression. I understand emotional struggles and believe in making therapy as simple and accessible as possible. Read more about online therapy here.

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