In this article I will share with you a bit about meditation and in particular guided meditation. Meditation can be described as simply slowing down and paying attention. It can also be about entering a state of deep relaxation. They can be used to balance and connect with a part of your self, your thoughts or your body. Meditation is also about clearing the noise and clutter from your mind. So you can have more focus, stability and productivity in your day to day activities.

Meditation takes many forms and exists in all cultures and traditions. It can include silence, movement, singing, chanting, prayer, visions and insights. In mediation you can focus on yourself, your feelings, sensations, thoughts and consciousness. You can also meditate on a concept, an object, a person or a place. The possibilities are limitless. If you have ever wanted to develop your ability to meditate but haven’t had a lot of success maybe using a guided meditation could be the key you have been looking for.

Many of my clients over the years have spoken of the difficulties associated with meditation. Meditating by yourself , in silence, focusing on your breath can be really hard work. This is especially common when you have been told to expect such glowing results. The truth is allowing the mind to be silent is a tough task and meditation can quickly become a frustrating and unrewarding experience. Many of my clients would lose hope and give up. This is pretty common and maybe you have had a similar experience.

Guided meditation provides a supportive framework for you to explore your inner world.

Guided meditation provides a wonderfully supportive framework for you to explore your inner world. A major benefit of guided meditation is taking the stress out of trying to access the present moment and stay there. It also helps you learn and recognise the process of meditation. And this will really advance your ability to meditate by yourself. Within a guided meditation you simply relax, breathe and follow the directions that are given. Being guided in meditation increases your ability to remained focused, it also allows you to be wholly present to your experience.

“silence isn’t empty; it’s full of answers”

Where appropriate and relevant I offer guided meditations to my clients. They are personalised and specific to their needs. The following is a short and by no means exhaustive list of the various types of meditations I offer.

I have used meditation of different varieties for more than 15 years, I have a special interest and passion for this aspect of mental health. It’s something that I have pursued personally and professionally. I practice meditation daily and value the clarity of thought and balance it provides me with. Providing guided meditation to people that usually find solo meditation difficult is a hugely rewarding part of my work.

If this sounds like something you wish to explore further feel free to contact me with any questions you have or to make make an appointment for a free consultation.

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