Matt Healey

performance & growth

“brain-based therapy is the fastest growing area in the field of psychological health because it has proven that it can immediately address issues that talk therapy can take years to heal”- Dr David Grand.

Getting rid of mental blocks is key to increasing performance and is easily attainable through the revolutionary brain-based technique called ‘brainspotting’. 

I help entrepreneurs remove anxiety and burnout so they can find more success in their business and private life. 


Like so many entrepreneurs I spent too long living on the edge. Hitting my revenue ceiling put me under lots of pressure.

Constant uncertainty left me exhausted.

I did my best to cope in the ways I thought I needed to.

But I spent too much time doing things I shouldn’t do.

I became a therapist for two reasons: First I wanted to transform my life, I was not in a great place and I was determined not to stay there.

Secondly, because I didn’t want anyone to go through what I’ve been through.

I help entrepreneurs navigate soul-destroying spaces and ensure they come out the other side better off, making more money and more relaxed.

My circumstances sent me around the world. Gathering various methods, education and tutelage from different sources. Some of wisdom, some of practicality and some of common sense.

The result is a comprehensive Brain-Body approach that:

✅ Removes mental and emotional blocks to success.

✅ Resolves your core issues that are holding you back.

✅ Aligns you with your goals, values and strengths. 

the way forward might not always be easy, but it will be worth it


✅ Sleep better.

✅ Manage stress and reduce anxiety.

✅ Gain emotional freedom.

✅ Experience more satisfying relationships.

✅ Enjoy greater clarity, focus and efficiency in your professional life.


I work with two types of entrepreneurs:

1) Those who find themselves burning out after years of chronic stress.

2) And those questioning their lives and purpose. You have successfully navigated life in terms of work, family and finances yet find yourself in search of something more, a new dimension and new meaning.


A highly effective and reliable method that gets you where you need to be.


💡BRAINSPOTTING: A highly effective and rapid technique to release and process trauma. It is a brain based modality that fosters deep shifts and changes. Great for performance issues too

💡MEDITATION: You will be guided in meditation to deepen your awareness of the brain-body connection

💡FOCUSED AWARENESS AND MINDFUL ATTUNEMENT: These are great mental and embodiment tools for developing insight into what’s going on at a deeper level.

💡COACHING: A directive component to keep you on track, accountable, and focused on your goals. Can include practical elements and practices to help integrate the work and support the change that will happen in our sessions together. 

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