why people attend therapy

People attend individual counselling and psychotherapy for a variety of reasons. 

Sometimes people attend due to a situational challenge or change such as moving to a new country, beginning or ending a relationship or feeling stressed and burnt out from work. 

Others use counselling and psychotherapy as a way to manage and repair a mental health issue such as anxiety, depression or a traumatic event.

And some people use counselling and psychotherapy for personal growth. To develop a deeper understanding of ourselves, our needs and our purpose. 

And sometimes we just feel stuck, depressed or hopeless. Sometimes we don’t know what we want to change , we just know that change is necessary.

My areas of expertise include the management of depression and anxiety. Auto immune and chronic illness. Trauma. Grief. Gender and Sexuality. I work often with the English speaking expat community in Europe and am well equipped to deal with their unique needs.

The journey into therapy can be a slow and difficult one. Take your time and make sure you find the right therapist for you.

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