Getting in front of depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety affect millions worldwide. Counselling and Psychotherapy is a proven method for successful management and reduction of symptoms for many types of depression and anxiety. 

Wherever you are on the spectrum of depression or anxiety I’m happy to assist you in your recovery.

I work with a strong emphasis on the mind body connection. When you include the whole person in therapy, which means engaging with your body as well as your mind, thoughts or emotions you gain valuable insights into what going on.

 Depression and anxiety have physical, emotional and mental components. Depression and anxiety affects everyone differently and can change under different circumstances.

I will guide you to regain the balance between your body and mind. Using a combination of talking, focused awareness and meditation you can repair the body and process the underlying emotional causes of many types of depression and anxiety.

Ultimately building a strong foundation of awareness and resilience for yourself.

This method is particularly useful for anyone who has not benefited from traditional talk therapy.

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